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Health & Vaccinations

Which vaccinations are required for my particular trip?

The wide range of destinations we travel to presents varying degrees of medical risk. For example, a visitor to India might need certain immunizations that a visitor to Australia would not.

We are not physicians and cannot provide you with specific medical advice. We strongly encourage you to check with your personal physician or local travel clinic at least 6 weeks before embarking on your journey for up-to-date information regarding medical precautions and immunizations for your particular travel destination(s).

For comprehensive information please refer to the Center for Disease Control's traveler's health information web site: www.cdc.gov/travel or call 800-232-4636.

We do provide a list of tips for staying healthy upon sign up.

Will I be affected by high altitude?

Most destinations in our region present no altitude concerns whatsoever. The vast majority of travelers to Bhutan or Yunnan, China experience no effects. If you are traveling to Tibet, Nepal, the passes of Central Asia or the Indian Himalayas, you may experience the effects of high altitude, depending on where you go and how quickly you ascend. Call a Travel Specialist to discuss concerns you may have.

More comprehensive information will be sent to you upon sign up.