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Asia Transpacific Journeys

About Our Non-Profit Foundation

Committed to providing clean water to children and families in Asia

Our Foundation is funded by our travelers

Many of our travelers are touched by the warmth and beauty of Asia, and by its people. On their behalf, we established our Foundation to further connect our travelers to the people of Asia. The projects we undertake are directly supported by the financial contributions of our travelers.

Our Foundation is administered by Asia Transpacific Journeys and partners

Asia Transpacific Journeys Founder and President Marilyn Downing Staff established the Foundation in 1998 to support sustainable projects that would benefit children and families in Asia. To allow 100% of our travelers donations to go directly to the projects, all administrative and fundraising costs associated with the Foundation are donated by Asia Transpacific Journeys directly, or by hours from its staff (voluntary as well as paid for by Asia Transpacific Journeys).

Our Foundation is directed in the field by Curt & Cathy Bradner

We had the good fortune to meet Curt and Cathy Bradner in 1999, a couple who share our enthusiasm to help the children and families of Asia. In 1999, we began to jointly develop the basis of what eventually became Thirst-Aid, which is separately funded by private donors who directly support the Bradner's living expenses, allowing 100% of our Asia Transpacific Journeys travelers' donations to go directly to funding the production of ceramic water filters and other clean drinking water projects. The Bradners oversee the building of kilns in country, the firing of the ceramic filters and the educational programs that have made our Clean Water Initiative such an outstanding success.