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Disaster Relief

Together we have the ability to help

One of the most pressing issues after a natural disaster is lack of clean drinking water. We were on the ground in the aftermath of two recent calamities.

2008 Cyclone Nargis (Myanmar)

Our Foundation was poised to help the victims of Cyclone Nargis like few other organizations in the entire country. We were on the ground, ready to go, with our established Clean Water Initiative that has been operating in Yangon for several years. Our travelers' generosity was overwhelming, raising over $100,000. With these funds we were able to provide widespread immediate relief, train safe water advocates to disperse the filters in the areas most affected and repair damaged ceramic water filter facilities. We distributed 20,000 ceramic water filters to people in desperate need of fresh drinking water in the hard-hit delta region, providing clean water to over 120,000 victims. On behalf of the people of Myanmar, thank you so much.

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2004 Tsunami (Southern Thailand)

Our travelers' response was overwhelming, and the resulting direct aid effective: through our Clean Water Initiative in the Burmese refugee camps in northern Thailand we were uniquely poised to ensure that tsunami victims had access to clean water, and immediately transported our filters south. We then set up a production facility in southern Thailand that not only provides clean water to very needy communities, but jobs as well.

We also donated funds to help a Sri Lankan fishing community rebuild their boats. They had lost all their ships, and therefore their community's livelihood. We are pleased to report that both the water filter facility and the boat-building factory are still humming along today, thanks to your contributions.

Friends in the Right Places | September 2008

Travel companies provide relief after Cyclone Nargis

"Asia Transpacific Journeys had a charitable foundation in place prior to the cyclone. Asia Transpacific Journeys reacted to the Cylcone Nargis crisis by stepping up its distribution of clay water filters, which can be lifesavers during a natural disaster where clean, running water is scarce."