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Safe Water Education

Education is at the core of a sustainable program

People who have been educated on the importance of safe water do not willingly drink contaminated water--much less give it to their children. Here is how education plays a key role in our Clean Water Initiative.

  1. Our Field Directors conduct an intensive training with a small cadre of local people who become Safe Water Advocates. They then fan out into rural villages, where water is often accessed from contaminated ponds.
  2. Villagers are taught that unsafe water can make them and their family sick. They are also introduced to ceramic water filters, which can eliminate the waterborne bacteria that cause disease.
  3. A free ceramic water filter training class must be taken by villagers in order to obtain a filter. Correct filter use is demonstrated. Educational materials such as locally produced cartoons, videos and public service announcements on television help get the message across.
  4. A test is administered on the essentials of correct usage. Once knowledge of correct use is demonstrated, the villager passes the course and is awarded a certificate.
  5. The certificate may be exchanged for a brand new filter.
  6. Safe Water Advocates continue to monitor villagers over time, ensuring proper use of the ceramic water filter.

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