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Doing Good to the Last Drop

Conscious travel through stewardship and philanthropy

It costs $20 to produce a filter. For a family earning less than $1 a day, purchasing a filter is a luxury they simply cannot afford, so your donations are crucial. The only way we can continue to finance our successful Clean Water Initiative is through your donations, 100% of which go directly to the project.

Button-Link.jpgDonate online at our secure site on JustGive.org

In addition to saving lives, the production of water filters and education efforts have created a village cottage industry producing hundreds of jobs for locals. This program, which our foundation piloted, also reduces emissions, since formerly these households boiled their water to purify it, cutting trees and burning the fuel to create fire in the process. Our initiative is drastically reducing tree harvesting and fire smoke. It's a win-win for everyone.

  • $50 supplies education materials to 10 village Safe Water Advocates
  • $100 provides clean drinking water for 25 children at a school or monastery
  • $300 creates a position for a Safe Water Advocate at a local community level
  • $1,000 supplies ceramic water filters to a village of 200 people
  • $10,000 significantly contributes toward the cost of new water filter production facility, which can produce upwards of 100 ceramic water filters a day.

There are many ways to maximize your donation. Here are a few ideas.

Donate Stocks or Bonds:

To donate, please contact Will Norris, CFP at Charles Schwab, 303-448-3534 or Marilyn Staff with the Asia Transpacific Foundation at 303-443-6789 extension 226.

Does your company match donations?

If so, you can double your contribution. All forms required for verification of Asia Transpacific Foundation's IRS status are available.

Attention Travelers and Friends Age 70.5 and Over

There is a taxpayer-friendly provision in the Pension Protection Act of 2006 for Individuals who are 70.5 or older. Individuals who are 70.5 or older may give up to $100,000 a year to a qualified public charity from their IRAs (traditional or Roth), exclude such gifts from gross income on their Federal returns, and count the gift as part of their annual minimum distribution amount (MRD). Gifts must be outright and may not be used to establish annuities, remainder trusts, and the like. The donation must be made directly from the IRA to the charity.

Before considering such a gift, please consult your legal or tax advisor to see if this opportunity is right for you and your particular circumstances.

Call Marilyn Staff with the Asia Transpacific Foundation at 303-443-6789 extension 226 for more information. Please help us continue this effective, worthwhile campaign by contributing today.