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Asia Transpacific Journeys

Field Report - December 2009

A report from the field by Asia Transpacific Foundation founder Marilyn Downing Staff

What a year it's been for Asia Transpacific Foundation. Thanks to your generous donations our clean water project has taken off in ways unimaginable only a few years ago.

  • In the last year, 73,000 ceramic water filters have been manufactured and distributed, providing nearly 450,000 people with sustainable, clean drinking water.
  • One filter factory employs a women's pottery cooperative to help lift them out of poverty.
  • An education team has trained over 300 health workers in filter use, care and good hygiene practices.
  • The poorest of the poor can purchase a filter by taking a free class on proper hygiene and filter care, earning a certificate that they can trade for a filter.
  • Asia Transpacific Foundation now funds and directs one of the most successful ceramic water filter interventions in the world. Eight production facilities now operate in Myanmar (Burma), employing over 150 local people.
  • Myanmar now has the greatest ceramic water filter production capacity of any country in the world, and is now being recognized as being a leader in this intervention.
  • We've also designed and manufactured five Water Purification Carts to assist in distribution of water that is filtered on a mass scale.
  • We've designed and are piloting a rice husk burner to fuel the filter kilns. This burner is saving acres of trees and uses a renewable resource that is usually discarded.