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Asia Transpacific Journeys

Asia Transpacific Journeys Travel Philosophy and Ethic

Conscious travel through stewardship and philanthropy

We believe that travel can help to foster the preservation of ancient cultures, benefit local communities, and protect the environment. Long ago, our commitment to these goals was inspired by our deep connection to the regions in Asia to which we travel.

Asia Transpacific Foundation is the charitable arm of Asia Transpacific Journeys. As travel specialists in Asia, we have developed a deep connection with the people who inhabit the regions we travel to. We established the Foundation in 1998 to deepen this connection, and return the kindness and generosity that has so touched our lives, as well as the lives of our travelers. Together we embrace the opportunity to give back directly to these communities, year after year.

Beginning in 2002, Asia Transpacific Foundation pledged to provide clean water to children and families in need, with the goal of improving their standard of living and helping to ensure their future health and success. 

Our ongoing goal is to spread the knowledgeable benefits of clean water to the areas of Asia with the most desperate need. You can help. Find out more by visiting the links below or call us toll-free anytime at 800-642-2742.

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