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History of Asia Transpacific Foundation

We'd like to share our past successes with you, made possible over the last decade through the generous support of our travelers.


Clean Water Initiative (2002 to Present)

We began concentrating our efforts on the Clean Water Initiative. in 2002. Using local materials and employing local people, we construct kilns, fire ceramic filters, and distribute these filters to needy rural families who would otherwise lack access to potable water.

When the Southeast Asian Tsunami hit in 2004 we were uniquely poised to ensure that tsunami victims had access to clean water, and immediately transported our filters south.

When Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar (Burma) in 2008, we were poised to help the victims like few other organizations in the entire country. We distributed 20,000 ceramic water filters to people in desperate need of fresh drinking water in the hard-hit delta region.

Burmese Youth Project (1999-2002)

Long languishing in refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border, children orphaned or left destitute by conflict had few educational options. Beginning in 1998, we helped establish a small network of Vocational Training Centers in the camps.

Here these youth can learn a variety of marketable skills, from carpentry and pottery to computer technology, bicycle repair and English language skills. Funding and ongoing financial management for the project is provided by our Foundation, but construction and long-term management of these facilities is accomplished by the local communities themselves.

Im Jai House (1998-2003)

One of our earliest projects, this is a great success story. The Im Jai House provides a loving, long-term home for 35 children whose parents have died from AIDS, though the children are not HIV positive themselves.

Ostracized or even rejected by their fearful village communities, these children are able to live and thrive thanks to Im Jai. The Foundation provided money for school fees, uniforms and supplies. We purchased musical instruments, including a piano and handmade traditional Thai instruments, and a minivan to get the youngsters to school from their remote rural setting. We were instrumental in helping Im Jai House find a permanent source of funding for their important work of nurturing these deserving children.