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Family Travel in Exotic Asia and Pacific Destinations

Private Custom Journeys with Asia Transpacific Journeys

Boulder, CO, November 8, 2011 - With their hectic schedules, families are now seeking cultural experiences in exotic locales where they can spend quality time together while expanding their horizons. Traveling to far-flung places in Asia and the Pacific broadens everyone’s viewpoint and gives children perspective on their life by developing critical thinking skills while learning about other cultures.

Asia Transpacific Journeys offers private custom journeys geared to families that are both educational and fun in nature through hands-on learning. They recommend experiences such as exploring the rainforest in Borneo and learning about Orangutans, discovering lost temples in Cambodia, traveling Australia’s coast, flush with animals that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet, or learning how to take care of elephants on a family adventure to Thailand.

The company’s Founder and President, Marilyn Downing Staff, herself a parent, believes that visiting cultures so different from the American lifestyle helps children learn about other cultures and traditions early on and helps them understand that the world is a much bigger place than they may have thought before.

“Our sensitive and seasoned guides provide children with insights into the local cultures, religious traditions, plants and animals,” says Downing Staff. “It shapes their attitude towards life.”

Ms. Downing Staff recommends the following custom trips and destinations for family travel with Asia Transpacific Journeys:

BORNEO – A Wildlife Adventure

Traveling to Borneo with an expert guide, the whole family learns about primates, frogs and turtles in what feels like an outdoor zoo. Tropical forests lush with wildlife invite moderate trekking through jungle trails, while monkeys howl on the white-sand shores. A visit to Mt. Kinabalu, home to 270 species of birds and more than 70 species of frogs is a great day trip for travelers of all ages.

Asia Transpacific Journeys whole-heartedly recommends a visit to the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center, where visitors can witness a day-to-day strategy that prepares orphaned and captive orangutans for transfer back into the wild. Kids and parents will love the sight of these gentle and intelligent apes while learning about their habitat.

Night walks and passage over an aerial catwalk can reveal such national treasures as Sumatran rhinoceroses and clouded leopards, and are an exciting addition to a fun-filled family trip and an experience they will never forget.

Accommodations range from comfy cottage-style lodges to first-class eco-lodges.

Length: Plan six to eight days. Recommended age: Ages ten years or older, younger kids can be accommodated.

THAILAND—Trains, Treks & Tribes: A Family Adventure

This itinerary through Thailand, originally developed as a family trip for the American Museum of Natural History, is now also available to families who want to experience everything that the country has to offer for both young and old.

The country’s cities, hill tribe areas and beaches provide a great play-ground for an adventurous expedition. Asia Transpacific Journeys’ knowledgeable guides will give the whole family an in-depth understanding of concepts from geography to history to Buddhism using real life examples in lessons much more memorable than any textbook could impart.

On their trip, families learn how to become mahouts – elephant caretakers – and get close up to these gentle giants. Feeding, riding and bathing a gentle Asian elephant will be an invaluable experience for both kids and their parents.

Other experiences could include a puppet theatre, an elephant ride among the hill tribe peoples of the highlands and a bamboo raft trip through the jungle.  Bicycles are also a terrific way for parents and children to see local villages and share smiles and games.

A visit to Thailand is not complete without a stay at one of Southern Thailand’s famed beaches. Here, families can try sea kayaking amidst limestone spires under a canopy of stars, and snorkel in the emerald waters of the Andaman Sea.


CAMBODIA – Be an Archeologist for A Day and Discover Lost Temples

With Asia Transpacific Journeys, kids can be an archeologist for a day when visiting the Sambor Prei Kuk area - which could pass for an Indiana Jones movie set if it weren’t so completely authentic.

A visit to these lost temples will enable families to experience its serene atmosphere together with a fascinating sense of mystery and magic. Scores of seventh century temple ruins stand silently in the forest, the roots of giant kapok trees wrapped around their elaborate Hindu carvings and wild parrots flying overhead.

Afterwards, parents and kids should head to Siem Reap to explore Angkor Wat, voted the most beloved UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010.

Length: Plan five to six days. Recommended age: Ages ten years or older, younger kids can be accommodated.


AUSTRALIA - Down-Under Wildlife Discovery Tour

From Cape Tribulation in the north, Tasmania to the south, and a hop over to Kangaroo Island, this family journey explores Australia’s eco hotspots, kangaroo to platypus.

Wildlife sightings in this naturalist’s utopia co-mingle with hiking, snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, and tramping through the World Heritage Daintree Rain Forest, thought to be 135 million years old. On the Daintree River estuary, crocodiles and colorful kingfishers vie for attention with one of the highest concentrations of rare plant and animals species found anywhere.

Next, families should head to Tasmania to marvel at the smallest penguin in the world – called the fairy penguin—and rufus wallabies, eastern quolls, brush-tailed possums and the famous Tasmanian devil.

Accommodations range from homey B&Bs to luxurious architectural masterpieces.

Length: Plan eight to ten days. Recommended age: Eight to fifteen years, younger ages can be accommodated.

About Asia Transpacific Journeys

Since 1987, Asia Transpacific Journeys a Boulder, Colorado-based Asia travel company, has specialized in custom journeys and small-group trips to Asia and the South Pacific. A highly-astute staff committed to exceptional service and deeply insightful cultural interpretation based on first-person experience is part of what has made Asia Transpacific Journeys a Travel + Leisure 2011 “World's Best Tour Operator.” The company has twice been honored with Travel + Leisure’s “Global Vision Award” and is the Asia tour operator of choice for the American Museum of Natural History, The Harvard and Yale alumni associations, and the World Wildlife Fund.