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Gorgeous Tiger's Nest Monastery, Bhutan


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Few destinations throughout history have generated the stir of anticipation among travelers that Bhutan created when it tentatively cracked its door ajar just over three decades ago. The privileged few who have ventured in have been startled to behold a Himalayan kingdom almost completely isolated from modern and western influences. Through a strict policy of limited tourism, Bhutan has consciously cultivated both a fiercely guarded traditional culture and the world's most well-tended natural environment. But the winds of change are stirring. We invite you to seize the day, to travel to Bhutan at this historic juncture and experience a land on the brink of transformation.

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"Asia Transpacific Journeys'... longstanding partnerships with local Bhutanese allow its guests to visit remote temples and attend religious festivals that other outfitters don't."

National Geographic Adventure magazine