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White sand, warm trade winds and blue water stretching to the horizon; Fiji keeps the South Pacific promise then goes beyond the languid allure. Its many islands offer a compelling melting pot of multiple cultures, with a strong current of traditional Melanesian. Take part in Fiji luxury tours and adventures ranging from sea kayaking to highland hikes, and discover a highly developed eco-tourism infrastructure that emphasizes respect for its ecological treasures.

To learn more about custom travel to Fiji, use the menu above to access detailed information on Fiji destinations, as well as information about Fiji resorts and hotels, the weather in Fiji, and much more.

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"World Wildlife Fund has partnered with Asia Transpacific Journeys for nearly two decades on many successful tours throughout Asia and the Pacific. Our travelers routinely give Asia Transpacific Journeys the highest praise and, based on their experiences, repeatedly travel on WWF tours co-sponsored with Asia Transpacific Journeys."

Debra Eliezer
Director, WWF Travel Program
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