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Hong Kong

Luxury Travel to Hong Kong

Experience luxury travel to Hong Kong, a city that crackles with life. Crowds jostle, neon blings, horns honk, cargo moves, steam billows and aromas waft through its tightly packed, yet surprisingly organized spaces. Winding alleyways give way to open harbor views, which are encircled by soaring peaks and glass high-rises. It’s a wonderful place to simply wander: peer into bustling canteens, see the live fish on offer in open-air markets, try on the Prada in swank stores, and let Hong Kong’s lively energy soak in. Its exotic far-eastern feel is tempered by a British colonial legacy, which lends it a user-friendly aspect and makes it the perfect gateway through which to ease into Asia.

As the regional Asia travel experts, Asia Transpacific Journeys is the perfect place to plan your luxury Hong Kong trip.

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