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Indonesia's islands (17,000 at last count) are scattered across the Pacific, covering an area comparable to that of California to Maine. Rainforests, rice fields, ancient monuments, prolific wildlife and over 300 distinct traditional cultures compose the vast archipelago and make for wondrous explorations. It's one of the earth's most diverse destinations in every way, a cultural and natural jigsaw puzzle to challenge and intrigue on a monumental scale.

To learn more about Indonesia travel, use the menu above to access detailed information on Indonesia travel destinations, hotels in Indonesia,  local festivals and things to do in Indonesia, as well as the Indonesia weather by region and season, and much more.

Experience Counts

We've been traveling in Indonesia for the last three decades. We are considered the Indonesia travel experts in the industry, and that's why the Harvard Museum of Natural History and the World Wildlife Fund call on us to design custom trips for their membership. You, your family and friends will receive the same level of service and expertise afforded those institutions.