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Japan is a land of incredible beauty, rich customs and warm, welcoming people. With so much to see and do in this island nation, activities in Japan abound for the enthusiastic traveler. Here are a few things to do in Japan that will make your Japan travels special:

Studying Japanese arts

If you are interested in studying traditional Japanese arts, such as martial arts, music, tea ceremony, ceramics or dance, or would like an introduction to Buddhist religious studies, talk to your Japan Travel Specialist. Sessions lasting from a half day to weeks may be arranged. The principal centers for study in most traditional arts are Kyoto and Nagano.


If you're looking for an active way to see the sights, multi-day treks in the Japanese Alps - one of the many distinctive things to do in Japan - can be arranged. Often these routes follow ancient footpaths of samurai warriors or philosophers, and stop at traditional inns that are centuries old. Call for details.

Ryokan and onsen

We strongly recommend you stay at a ryokan in Japan, particularly in Kyoto. These traditional style inns embody the essence of everything you travel to Japan hoping to find, and are an authentic cultural experience unto themselves. They often are built at the site of a natural onsen (hot springs) and a soak in one of these community baths is a quintessentially Japanese experience.


Another good choice for insight into traditional ways is a stay at a shukubo, (temple lodging), for a fraction of the cost of a ryokan. The rooms tend to be Spartan affairs, but they are often in beautiful, tranquil areas, and it is sometimes possible to participate in religious rites. Koya-san is the probably the best place in Japan to spend a night at a shukubo.