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Travel to Laos to experience a stronghold of tradition and one of the best-kept secrets in Asia. Its quiet ambiance, languid pace and striking natural beauty lap at one's spirit like the slow-flowing waters of the Mekong upon the shore. Timeless rural scenes and a calm spirituality comprise the warp and weft of Lao life, a place where the soul is slowly awakened to an ancient tempo, all but forgotten in the modern world.

Any perfect custom trip to Laos will include the glittering temples of Luang Prabang, and the classic French colonial architecture and cuisine of Vientiane. But we also recommend

including less well-known elements when visiting Laos, such as trekking through the northern hill-tribe areas of Laos to encounter remote tribal enclaves of the Hmong, Akha, Yao, Khamu, Lao Huay, Shan, Black Thai and Thai Lu near the Burmese border. Or you could spend a dreamy afternoon traveling in Laos by boat from UNESCO-listed Wat Phu Champasak to Khong Island.

Gain insight into the production and roasting process of Laos Fair Trade certified organic coffee at a small local plant. Learn about the Lao silk industry by seeing the mulberry trees and the silk worms in action in the different stages life in their silken cocoons, then try your hand at weaving and dying your own piece.

Or go really beyond the ordinary on your visit to Laos by staying overnight in a small village temple overlooking the Mekong River, to experience the peaceful hospitality of the monks. These are just some ideas that will make your travel to Laos unique, extraordinary, and the journey of a lifetime.

Experience Counts

Harvard University

"This is a truly first class operation from beginning to end. Asia Transpacific Journeys has worked for many hours on perfecting complex and original new itineraries, such as our descent of the Mekong River."

John Constable
Museum of Comparative Zoology
Harvard University

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