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That Luang Festival

This is the greatest of Laos festivals, held in Vientiane in November. Witness monks receiving offerings and a candlelight procession. Music fills the air and fireworks light the night sky.

Magha Puja in Luang Prabang

This holiday honoring the Buddha's death occurs on the full moon day, of the third lunar month, typically February. The Magha Puja is a Laos festival honoring Buddha and his teachings with a candle-light procession of monks from one Buddhist temple to another.

Pii Mai

April 13th New Years in Luang Prabang: The Buddhist lunar New Year is a 3 day party in the streets, with water fights and huge celebrations. Water symbolizes cleansing and temple Buddha's are brought out into the streets to be doused in water then and returned to their "homes" on the 15th.

Khao Vatsa

This more subdued Laos festival occurs during the rainy season and signifies the beginning of time when Buddhist men retreat into monasteries to read religious text and mediate. The end of this three-month stint of intense Buddhist studies is signified by the opposite holiday called Ok Vatsa.

Boun Khao Salak

Also known as the Festival of the Dead, this Laos festival takes place on a full moon and honors the deceased by presenting them with offerings of food and gifts. There is also a colorful Naga boat race between men from surrounding areas.