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Custom isn't complicated: in fact over 70% of our clients travel on a Custom Journey. And here's the beauty, your trip to Micronesia departs on dates of your choosing and you travel only in the company of loved ones to destinations entirely up to you. You determine the trip length and focus. The type of Micronesia lodging is likewise up to you, as are included meals. All Micronesia luxury journeys are accompanied by expert private local guides and drivers, all for about the price of a group departure (or if you choose, the sky is of course the limit).

View a Micronesia sample itinerary or customize one of our signature Small Group Trips to suit your travel dates.

Your Journey, Your Way™

Contact a Micronesia Travel Specialist or call 1-800-642-2742 to begin creating your unique trip to Micronesia.

Here are some ideas:

  • Swim with manta rays, the gentle giants of the Pacific, in M'il Channel
  • Explore the enigmatic ruins of the ancient stone city of Nan Madol, on Pohnpei
  • Snorkel in Truk Lagoon, a famous underwater grave that contains the wrecks of 40 WWII Japanese ships just beneath its surface
  • Spend a day with a Palaun guide for insights into local legends, arts, and traditional storyboards
  • Kayak and snorkel through Palau's spectacular Rock Islands
  • Learn how the ancient navigators used wind, stars, wave patterns and bird flight to sail huge distances and settle these specks in the Pacific

What's Included on a Custom Journey

Personalized Trip Planning

Tell us your vision. We'll pull together a dazzling, totally personalized itinerary that
reflects all of your interests. We charge no upfront fees for this outstanding service.

Private Local Guides & Drivers

You will have your own private, local guide in each destination. Our guides are the
best in the region–educated, friendly individuals who offer insights you can only get
from a local. Your own private driver is also included for all tours and transfers.

Beyond-the-Ordinary Activities

We go beyond just preparing a day-by-day itinerary with watertight logistics. Our personal
connections and in-depth knowledge mean the possibilities are endless and the
experiences extraordinary. Is avant-garde art your passion? We can get you inside an
artists' colony in Beijing, with a contemporary-art museum curator as your guide. Do
you dream of seeing tigers in the wild? We can arrange for a private safari in search of the Bengal tiger with a biologist from the World Wildlife Fund in India.

Accommodations & Cuisine

Boutique and often very luxurious accommodations are included in a Custom Journey.
From exquisite, restored maharajahs' palaces in India to a nomadic ger camp in Mongolia,
we emphasize authentic local style–it's as much a door into a culture as any
visit to a museum. Our dining picks likewise reflect our true-to-the-land obsession and
appreciation of all things excellent.

The Fine Details

Custom Journeys also include internal airfare, daily activities and entry fees, ground
transportation, private airport transfers and a customized Travel Guide, specific to
your journey. We also provide comprehensive Emergency Evacuation and Emergency
Medical travel insurance.

Destination Details

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Departure / Land Cost:
From $450 per person per day/double occupancy. Costs can be higher or lower depending on travel style and included services. Thoughtful choices and itinerary planning can accommodate most budgets.
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