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This is a sketch of what your Custom Journey to Mongolia might look like. Keep in mind these are merely suggestions. We can create a custom Mongolia tour package entirely from scratch, based on your available time, interests, budget, and preferred pace.

Iconic Mongolia | 15 Days

Day 1 Transfer to your Mongolia hotel in the heart of Ulaanbaatar. Overnight Chinggis Khan Hotel.
Day 2
Explore the capital, including Ganden Khiid Monastery, the Migjid Janraisig statue, and the Museum of Natural History. Dinner of Mongolian hotpot. Overnight Chinggis Khan Hotel.
Day 3

Fly to Moron. Transfer by 4WD to the remote ger camp at Lake Khovsgol. Overnight Alagstar Ger Camp.

Day 4

Explore the rich eco-system of the lake, home to reindeer, yaks, horses, bears, moose and ibex. Kayaking on the lake. Overnight Alagstar Ger Camp.

Day 5

Fly Moron to Ulaanbaatar. Stroll the city streets, which are quite cosmopolitan and interesting. Overnight Chinggis Khan Hotel.

Day 6

Travel by 4WD to Khustai National Park. See Neolithic graves, elk, wolf, and Mongolian gazelle. Tonight feast near the banks of Tuul River, followed by an evening game drive to see wild takhi horses. Overnight Khustai Ger Camp.

Day 7

Travel by 4WD to Karakorum, the ancient capital of the Mongolia Empire under Genghis Khan, and a UNESCO World Heritage site. See the walls of the massive Erdenezuu Monastery, built in the 1586. Overnight Dreamland Karakorum Ger Camp.

Day 8

Today continue to explore the historically significant Karakorum and Erdenezuu area. Overnight Dreamland Karakorum Ger Camp.

Day 9

Drive to Ulaanbaatar. Picnic lunch en route. Attend the biggest festival in Mongolia, the Naadam, which honors the nomads of the Mongol armies and features parades, wrestling, archery and horse racing. Overnight Chinggis Khan Hotel.

Day 10

View the famous attractions of the Nadaam as well as some lesser-known events with your local guide. Watch the finals of the wrestling championship. Dinner at a local restaurant with traditional dance performance. Overnight Chinggis Khan Hotel.

Day 11

Fly to the Gobi Desert. Visit Altai Mountains. Look for wild sheep and eagles. Visit the Natural History Museum. Overnight Gobi Mirage Ger Camp.

Day 12

4WD to the Khongoryn Els, Mongolia's largest sand dunes. Ride through the desert on a two-humped Bactrian camel. Overnight Gobi Discovery Ger Camp.

Day 13

Drive to Bayanzag, known as the Flaming Cliffs, where evidence of a flourishing Late Cretaceous Age may be experienced first hand. Dig at an archaeological site for dinosaur remains. Overnight Three Camels Lodge.

Day 14

Fly to Ulaanbaatar. Visit the Fine Arts Museum and the Bogd Khan Palace. Dinner at a favourite local restaurant. Overnight Chinggis Khan Hotel.

Day 15

Fly Ulaanbataar to U.S. or extend.

Plan Your Journey

Every trip begins by us wanting to know you better. For starters we'll want to know who you're traveling with, your travel dates, any special interests you may have and what types of hotels you prefer. You may not know the answer to all the questions—don't worry, that's where we come in.

Traveler Questionnaire

Use the following questions to help you think about your ideal journey - better yet copy and paste them into an email and send them off our our knowledgable Travel Specialists who can then provide some suggestions.

  1. Will you be traveling with family or friends? How many people are in your group?
  2. Do you have specific dates in mind?
  3. About how many days do you expect the trip to last?
  4. Which destinations are you interested in?
  5. Do you have specific interests that you would like to concentrate on such as art, architecture, archaeology, wildlife, spas, cuisine, textiles, religion, sports, schools or nature?
  6. Do you like to have activities planned sun up to sun down, or do you prefer some downtime?
  7. Do you have an interest in active travel (hiking, biking, kayaking, etc.)?
  8. If you are of active disposition, do you consider 2 hours of hiking enough or do you like to go all day?
  9. On trips past, what were some of the activities or specific things that you most enjoyed?
  10. What type of accommodations do you generally prefer? Only five-star? Small, boutique properties? Nice, but not over the top?
  11. Do you have an approximate budget in mind for the trip?
  12. Are you celebrating a special occasion on this journey?
  13. Do you plan to use frequent flyer miles or reward points for international travel?
  14. Do you plan to book your own air or use our company's in-house air department?