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A number of international-standard hotels exist in the capital. In the countryside most Mongolians live in gers (traditional felt tents) and you will too.

Here are our favorite ger camps and Mongolia hotel recommendations:

Chinggis Khan Hotel, Ulaanbaatar

A fine choice while staying in the capital, this centrally located property is quite beautiful and offers modern comforts.

Three Camels Lodge, Gobi Desert

This is Mongolia's premiere luxury expedition camp, utilizing environmentally and culturally sustainable development guidelines. An informal, relaxed atmosphere and adventurous feel define this classic camp, complimented by Mongolian artifacts and traditional design. Guests stay in their own cozy gers, while restaurant, bar, bath and shower facilities are located in the main lodge building. View their website

Tuul Riverside Lodge

The gers at this small, fully sustainable, traditional Mongolian camp are surrounded by a sea of grass, wildflowers and rolling hills, which stretch down to the nearby River Tuul. Situated within an hour's drive of Ulaanbaatar, a warm, and peaceful welcome awaits you. View their web site