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New Zealand is a land of spectacular scenic beauty. Its 5,700 miles of gorgeous coastline are punctuated by tree-lined bays and towering cliffs. Magnificent glacial mountains loom over fjords, and volcanoes tower above arid deserts. Dramatic, steaming geothermal regions contrast with wide-open golden plains, while intensely green subtropical forest covers miles of countryside. It's small wonder New Zealand was chosen as the filming location for Tolkien's magical Middle-earth.

To learn more about New Zealand travel, use the menu above to access detailed information on the North and South Islands, as well as information about New Zealand hotels and lodges, New Zealand weather by region and season, things to do in New Zealand and much more.

Experience Counts

Our expertise in New Zealand travel is unparalleled, and that's why we customize luxury travel to New Zealand for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Princeton alumni associations.