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Have more time, second trip to Thailand, or looking for something specific? Here are some additional highlights when creating your custom Thailand travel plan. If this is your first taste of Thailand, visit our Essential Thailand page to discover must-see sites, attractions and places to visit in Thailand.


Mae Hong Son / Pai

For a unique Thailand travel experience, travel by 4WD vehicle, by bamboo raft, and by elephant to an area of dramatic mountain scenery and exotic tribal cultures, including the Padaung long-necked people.

Explore Burmese style temples and overnight in a handsome riverfront hotel in Shan town. Or overnight at a wonderful countryside resort. The tribal experience is the true reward in both of these areas.


Fairly remote, this area is a nature lover's dream. The vegetation is quite different from the surrounding areas of the North, large boulder rocks abound. The flora and fauna found in this National Park area is some of the most diverse in the entire Kingdom of Thailand. Nature and eco-resorts are quite popular in this area.


Koh Samui

A stunningly beautiful Thailand travel destination, this tropical island has a mountainous interior comprised of coconut palms (about 2.5 million of them), coffee and rubber plantations. Mountain paths, waterfalls and strange rock formations abound, and can be explored by four-wheel drive, mountain bike, or on foot.

This island is located on the Gulf of Thailand so the monsoonal moisture pattern is different from the beach paradise found on the Andaman Sea side (Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi Island). The island is tropical all year round and rain can occur at any time. The driest time of the year, considered peak season for Koh Samui travel is from April - October.

Trang Archipelago

One of Southern Thailand's best kept secrets, the Trang Archipelago is just a short flight south from Phuket. Secluded islands and hidden beach resorts. A great year-round Thailand travel destination, its driest months are from December to April.

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park, home to elusive tigers, hornbills, and rafflesia flowers, offers jungle hikes, boat trips through towering limestone formations, and a chance to experience an endangered natural world during your Thailand trip. Stay in a jungle lodge or tented camp.

Mergui Archipelago

Access Myanmar's (Burma's) remote waters to discover pristine snorkeling and sea gypsies. Phuket is your jumping-off point.



A memorable day can be spent exploring Ayuthaya, which was once Thailand's mightiest capital. In its heyday it was far bigger and more magnificent than London or Paris. Razed by the Burmese in 1767, its archaeological ruins are sad but beautiful.

Travel to Ayuthaya by coach, returning by river aboard the Oriental Queen. Or for a unique Thailand travel experience, journey to the ancient capital on the Chao Phraya-the "River of Kings"-on an elegant, refurbished rice barge such as the Manohra Song and the Mekhala.

Kanchanaburi and the River Kwai

Only two hours west of Bangkok is Kanchanaburi and the infamous World War II bridge over the River Kwai. Travel by train across the bridge. A must-see for history buffs visiting Thailand, experience the War Museum and Cemetery, nearby waterfalls and caves, and a small Khmer temple. Option to stay overnight on a rafthouse more commonly referred to as a "Float-tel" or a tented camp near Kanchanaburi.

Hua Hin

Thailand is a snorkeler's paradise, featuring over 400 species of fish and 250 species of hard coral. Two hours south of Bangkok, elegant Hua Hin beach resort, favored by Thai royalty, has great beaches and dining, with two major national parks nearby.

Khao Yai National Park

Wild elephants within a two-hour drive from Bangkok? Yes, in Thailand's oldest national park. Full of exotic birds and beasts, Khao Yai has miles and miles of trails to explore. Hike through dense rainforest beneath rare orchids. See towering waterfalls. Go on night safaris and enjoy interpretive walks with a an expert birding guide. Take a tour of a vineyard and sample delightful wine and Thai cuisine.


Siam's "Golden Age" is revealed in the 13th century ruins of this glorious ancient capital. Beautifully carved Buddha statues, crumbling pillars, lotus ponds, temples and pagodas are strewn over this area and make for wondrous explorations. A UNESCO World Heritage historical park.


Untouristed and undeveloped, Northeastern Thailand offers traditional village life, magnificent Khmer ruins, fine silks and handicrafts, national parks, and Mekong River scenery.  Isan is the jumping off point for travels onto the Khmer Trail. For those wishing to experience authentic Thailand travel, Isan is the country's least developed region and traditional culture still flourishes here.

Ubon Ratchathani

Access Laos from this eastern port of entry.