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Perhaps it's Tibet's roof-of-the-world elevation, or its creation myth that had it connected to heaven by a rope: Tibet seems to be somehow suspended between heaven and earth, studded with places of worship and mountains that scrape the sky. Despite an intense modernization campaign by the Chinese government, the Tibetan people retain a transcendent spiritual quality that informs every aspect of their lives, which makes their home on the Earth's highest plateau one of the world's most intriguing travel destinations.

To learn more about Tibet travel, use the menu above to access detailed information on Tibet Travel Destinations, as well as information about Tibet trekking and rail tours, resorts and hotels in Tibet, Tibet weather and much more.

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Harvard University

"This is a truly first class operation from beginning to end. Asia Transpacific Journeys has worked for many hours on perfecting complex and original new itineraries, such as our descent of the Mekong River from Tibet to Vietnam."

John Constable
Museum of Comparative Zoology
Harvard University