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Thank you for your interest in Asia Transpacific Journeys. We are committed to a philosophy we call Journey Beyond the Ordinary. Our Tour Leaders embody our commitment in the most fundamental way—while traveling through our respective destinations with our clients, facilitating the type of cultural immersion that creates the trip of a lifetime for our travelers. In general we seek intelligent individuals who are passionate about a destination within our region and view tour leading as the ultimate job. We typically require a minimum of five years of relevant experience. When preparing to interview a new candidate, we look for the following qualities:

Destination knowledge

No other American company enjoys Asia Transpacific Journeys' outstanding reputation as specialists in Asia and the Pacific region. And while our entire office staff is dedicated, even artful, when creating and executing the flow of a great trip, it is our field staff who make us shine while the trip is actually in progress. This requires a deep knowledge of the destination's culture and natural history, a true and natural affinity for its local people, a consummate familiarity with its geography, and a finely honed understanding of its logistical demands.


As experts on a particular culture, our Tour Leaders are expected to be conversant, if not fluent, in the destination's language.

Concern for health and safety

Whether crossing the street in Bangkok, getting out of a Zodiac landing craft in Micronesia, catching a train in Delhi, sourcing a snack in Myanmar, or ascending to altitude in Tibet, the safety of our travelers must be first and foremost in the minds of our Tour Leaders. Our leaders are in a unique position to foresee many dangers not immediately apparent to the first-time visitor, and are required to have a finely honed sense for the safety and well being of our travelers. Leaders must be able to respond quickly and compassionately in the event of client accident or illness, demonstrating sincere concern and follow-through while addressing client health needs.

Communication skills

Perhaps the foundation of good tour leading is the ability to communicate one's love of a culture in a clear and inspiring way. The ability to communicate a positive outlook in the face of a setback is essential as well. Further, it is important that the leader elicit the best dynamic within a group.

Keen response abilities

Our tour leaders must possess the ability to respond competently to unforeseen circumstances, such as client illness, rerouted planes, loss of baggage, or worse.

Formal education

Our travelers are sophisticated and in general highly educated. Our Tour Leaders must be at ease dealing with a variety of people on a range of subjects. Some of our leaders have earned doctorates or masters degrees in cultural studies, others are self-taught experts in flora or fauna, but all are very educated, and this is a prerequisite for the position. Our leaders' responsibilities include leading trips for some of America's most demanding institutions, including the Harvard, Yale and Princeton Alumni Associations, the American Museum of Natural History, the World Wildlife Fund and the World Affairs Council, to name a few. Our Tour Leaders must move in these circles with a knowledgeable grace.

Environmental awareness

As the representative of Asia Transpacific Journeys in the host country, leaders are expected to demonstrate respect and care for the local environment. This may include simply ensuring that a "leave no trace" ethic prevails throughout the trip, but may also manifest in a more profound stewardship, such as educating travelers or even locals on the importance of promoting environmental health and respect for the Earth.


Our Tour Leaders possess some amazing skills that are impossible to calculate. Some have a superb sense of humor. Others have a delightful sense of the impromptu gesture, like ordering a special local cake for a traveler's birthday celebration. Some of our leaders are married to a local spouse, and a couple leaders have adopted children in the countries they now call home, and therefore enjoy a cherished relationship and affinity with locals that goes beyond merely liking that country. We actively recruit people with this type of deep connection to the land and people.

We invite you to contact us if feel your abilities match our tour leading needs in any of our destinations. Please email your resume to hr@AsiaTranspacific.com. No calls please.

Thank you again for your interest in Asia Transpacific Journeys.