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Since 1987, Asia Transpacific Journeys has been providing exceptional service to travelers seeking to discover the rich cultural and natural diversity of the Asia Pacific region. To meet the unique travel needs of singles, couples, families, groups of friends, and corporate entities, we offer a wide variety of services, including group travel, individualized custom travel, air bookings, travel insurance, and travel consulting services.

Perhaps more important than what services we provide is the level of support we deliver to each of our clients along the way. We are aware that the reputation of any good company is built on more than slick presentation. Service, substance, knowledge and follow-through are the cornerstones upon which an outstanding reputation is built, slowly but surely, over the years. This commitment to strong and steady service is the reason that over 75% of our business comes from repeat clients or direct client referrals. This gives us an enormous sense of pride.

So, whether you are learning about Asia Transpacific Journeys for the first time or you are a trusted former traveler, we invite you to discover for yourself travel that is beyond the ordinary.


Experience Counts

"It took a lot of pre-planning and coordination on your part to have a trip with 15 flights, numerous cities, and (accommodations ranging from) luxury hotels to eco-lodges come off without a hitch. Asia Transpacific Journeys certainly met and exceeded all of our expectations. It was a fabulous trip."

Pam Solvang - Custom Journey traveler