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The drive to Punakha, Bhutan


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Have time for a second trip to Bhutan, or looking for something specific? Here are some additional highlights and destinations to consider when creating your Bhutan custom travel plan. If this is your first trip to Bhutan, visit our Essential Bhutan page to discover must-see sites and things to do in Bhutan.

Bumthang Cultural Trek

This three-day trek winds through villages and mountain monasteries, allowing access to traditional Bhutanese rural culture.


The "Burning Lake" is worth visiting if you are in the Tang valley. A short walk brings you to a bridge and a lake, one of the most revered sites in Bhutan. It is of deep religious and social significance because the revered Pema Lingpa, the revealer of terma, dove into the lake and emerged with lit candles, spreading the spiritual benefit to all. The rolling dark water, flecked with mica dust, seems to indeed possess a magic all its own.

Haa Valley

Two hours southwest of Paro, this district opened only a couple of years ago for tourist travel. The population is fairly isolated, relying on pastoral farming for their livelihood.

The Far East

The prospect of days spent driving on circuitous (and sometimes unpaved) roads deters all but the most determined traveler. A tourism infrastructure is practically non-existent in eastern Bhutan, and one should be prepared for cold showers and outhouses. Having said that, the tropical lowlands are where you'll encounter fields of corn, exquisite weavings, minority ethnic groups and one of the most remote, unvisited regions in the world.