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Indonesia is a land of natural beauty, rich customs and incredible cultural diversity. Whether you are looking for an active, fast-paced excursion or a leisurely, reflective escape, the activities in Indonesia provides ample opportunity for both.

Sea Kayaking

Komodo is one of the best sea kayaking places on Earth. Expect incredible reefs, amazing wildlife, rugged natural beauty and a mystique that defies expression.


One of the most popular and spectacular things to do in Indonesia. With 17,000 tropical islands, the snorkeling here is unbeatable. Here at Asia Transpacific Journeys, many claim it's the world's best. There are numerous live-aboard options to suit nearly any time frame and budget.

The Komodo Archipelago's abundance of hard and soft corals provides a Technicolor habitat for many of the great Pacific species of invertebrates and pelagics, including sharks, lionfish, rays and turtles. The great thing about snorkeling here is the variety of options for the veteran and beginner alike. These waters can sport some wild currents, making it an ideal destination for the experienced snorkeler in search of adventure. On the other hand, tranquil bays abound, providing safe anchorage sites and fabulous snorkeling opportunities.

At the Lembah Straits you'll find weedy scorpionfish, Ambon scorpionfish, yellow ornate ghost pipefish, frogfish in every size and color, pygmy seahorse, flamboyant cuttlefish, octopus and harlequin shrimp-just to name a few. At Bunaken Marine Park, swim with playful spinner dolphins and magnificent pilot whales, gentle green sea turtles, bumphead parrotfish, schools of butterflyfish and sharks.


A truly unique Indonesia activity for your one-of-a-kind Southeast Asia travel experience, it is possible to charter yachts and schooners, complete with crew, to enjoy breathtaking views of the lush Indonesian landscape from the startlingly turquoise waters just offshore. Some are stylish, like the Perentis. Several smaller boats are available, suitable for economical private charters. Call your Indonesia Travel Specialist for details.