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A land of incredible beauty, rich culture and some of the world's most warm and welcoming people, activities in Laos abound. Slow down and enjoy Lao time, and indulge in a leisurely, reflective escape on a scenic river cruise along the Mekong, or an invigorating multi-day trek in among tribal villages in the highlands - both popular things to do in Laos.

River Cruises

The mighty Mekong can be explored in luxurious local style aboard the Vat Phou. The three-day cruise begins in Pakse and visits beautiful islands, waterfalls and Khmer ruins. A synopsis of the itinerary follows:

Day 1 - Pakse to Wat Phu Champasak. Set off in the morning south in a longtail boat. Lunch onboard, then dock at Champasak for a tour of the Wat Phu Champasak temple. Enjoy a beautiful river sunset, before dinner onboard.

Day 2 - Um Muang to Khong Island. Tour through a scenic riverside village to Um Muang Temple in the forest. Enjoy an afternoon cruising in the Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands). region. Towards evening, explore remote Ban Duata village, before a wonderful dinner onboard.

Day 3 - 4,000 Islands to Pakse. Set off by longtail boat to explore Si Phan Don and its French colonial relics. Enjoy lunch at a riverside restaurant. Disembark and transfer to Pakse.

Or in northern Laos, it is possible to take a two-day journey through remote mountainous stretches of the Mekong between the northern Thai border at Huay Xai and the city of Luang Prabang. This trip utilizes a beautiful river barge, and overnights at the Luang Say Resort.


The mountainous region between China and Burma is home to colorful tribal people and fine scenery, and made for trekking - a popular Laos activity among travelers to the region. One great option is the Luang Nam Tha trek, consisting of three days and two nights exploring Khamu, Laen Taen and Akha tribal villages. Nights are spent in a village guesthouse and a forest camp. Tribes are extremely traditional, and the local food is deliciously prepared. These treks can be arranged on a private or join-in basis.