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They say there’s no time like the present, but that has never been more apt than now: it’s a golden moment for travel to Myanmar, often referred to as Burma. The country is opening its doors, and a joie de vivre is permeating the land. At the same time,  there is a palpable sense that sweeping change will ensue.

A trip to Myanmar can now access areas that have been isolated from the outside world for decades. Travel to Myanmar thus presents the opportunity to experience the Asia of old, one that is unprecedented in Southeast Asia. When you are ready to start planning your unforgettable journey to Myanmar, contact our Asia travel agency and agents.

Travel to Myanmar now to experience a country that still moves by ox and cart. Meet amazing tribal people who practice ancient ways of life that appear frozen in time. Explore glittering temples filled with candles and incense, where red-robed monks offer prayers to Buddha.

Encounter stunning beaches where fishermen in brightly colored boats bring their catch to shore. Hear the tinkling of temple bells, and feel the gentle ambiance of an earlier, forgotten age. Indeed, in Burma a world endures one can hardly believe still exists outside the works of Kipling.

The ruins of Bagan alone are worth a trip to Burma—many consider this pagoda-dotted plain the greatest sight in Asia, and no tour of Myanmar is complete without visiting. Ride an oxcart or bicycle through the thousands of temples for an immersion in the essence of ancient Asia.

Seeing Myanmar’s iconic sights is key, but we also recommend including some little-known destinations and experience on any Burma itinerary. Perhaps sponsor a midday lunch alms ceremony for young monks at a monastery in Yangon. Or ride horseback beyond Mt. Popa’s monastery to its actual summit. Retrace the Burma Road, or be one of the first western travelers to visit Kayah State. Take a multi-day balloon ‘safari’ across the Shan Plateau. Meet the isolated Chin, Paluang and Thet tribal people in their villages. Explore the fabulous, hidden 15th-century ruins of Mrauk U, far off the tourist radar yet destined for fame. Or incorporate an amazing festival into your Burma tour.

Learn about our foundation's Clean Water Initiative in Myanmar, which has operated since 2002, producing simple clay filters that dramatically reduce waterborne illness.

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Both Travel + Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler magazine have awarded us the "Top Travel Specialist" honor for Myanmar, recognizing our local connections and in-depth knowledge of its far-flung corners as the best of any tour operator in America.

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